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Arts Studies at North Carolina State University

Arts Studies (ARS) at NC State University is an interdisciplinary program that educates students in the Fine Arts.  Students develop academically through a concentration in one of four areas: Visual Art, Theater, Music, or Film.  Students will confront art forms and connect them with other arts forms or an outside concern such as technology, politics, or religion.  The Arts Studies Major can lead to careers in arts management, arts entrepreneurship, including gallery ownership or recording studio ownership, arts education, and work in non-profit arts organizations.  A smaller group of students go on to graduate school and some work as artists in film, music, theater, or visual art.





Mid-Career Salaries by Major:

  • Business    $70,500
  • Nursing   $69,300
  • Forestry   $67,200
  • Fine Arts    $58,600
  • Spanish   $58, 400
  • Interior Design   $58,200
  • Horticulture    $57,300
  • Theater    $57,300
  • Music   $57,200
  • Interdisciplinary Studies    $54,400
  • Animal Science   $53,700
  • Art History    $53,300
  • Public Health   $51,700
  • Religious Studies   $49,700
  • Recreation and Leisure Studies   $49,100
  • Social Work  $44,000
  • Elementary Education  $44,000

*Statistics from

Often, money is not the best reason to do something. The best reason to take up the serious pursuit of the arts - or anything else for that matter - is because you love it. The Arts Studies Program makes the study of the arts exciting and connected to the world outside of galleries, film and recording studios, theaters, and museums.


 Student Learning Outcomes for this program are:

1. The ability to identify key concepts, literature, and issues of their foundation area

2. The ability to identify and formulate a multi-arts research question

3. The ability to develop and apply research skills needed for multidisciplinary projects.

Upcoming Events

Arts NOW Series

Information on the 2016-2017 Arts NOW Series will be posted in August. Check for more information.

For more information about Arts Studies, contact Dr. Rodney Waschka, Program Director of Arts Studies, Winston 101B, Campus Box 7117, NC State University, Raleigh, NC 27695-7117.