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Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) - Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Assistant Dean for Interdisciplinary Studies and International Programs,
    College of Humanities and Social Sciences, North Carolina State University, 
    Dr. Blair LM Kelley, 1911-107E, (919) 513-2225

Administrative Support

Interdisciplinary Studies Main Office, 919-515-6964
1911 Building, Suite 106
10 Current Dr., Campus Box 7107
Raleigh, NC  27695-7107

  • Director of Undergraduate Advising, Dr. Carol Ann Lewald, 1911-107D, (919) 515-0449
  • Personnel and Budget Administrative Specialist, _____________, 1911-106A, (919) 515-0866
  • Undergraduate Student Services Specialist and Course Scheduling Officer, Bruce Cheek, 1911-106, (919) 515-6964
  • Graduate Programs Specialist:  Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media (CRDM) and Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS), Jeff Leonard, Caldwell Hall, 106H, (919) 515-2220

Please contact the Program Director below for additional program information.

IDS Programs in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dual Degree Programs