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A spring break devoted to serving others
Brittney Garcia could spend her spring break relaxing and catching up on sleep. Instead, the senior International Studies major is leading a team of students on a trip to Guatemala where they will focus on gender issues in Guatemalan society. [...]
Entrepreneurial Students Win Competition
Three NC State students took top honors at the statewide UNC Social Business Plan Competition for the nonprofit they created, Pennies 4 Progress. No small feat, considering there were 31 teams competing from all 17 schools in the UNC system who were challenged to develop business solutions to pressing local and state issues. [...]
Internship on The Hill
In this guest post, Bryan Hum, a senior in international studies and political science, shares his experience as an intern in Senator Kay Hagan's Washington, DC, office this summer. [...]
Correspondence from an Extraordinary Alum Abroad
Dean Jeff Braden's recent post about the challenges of visiting countries where English is not the primary language prompted this thoughtful response from CHASS alum Katie Starr ('11, International Studies and French), who is in Indonesia with the Peace Corps. [...]

International Studies

In today’s globally-connected community, people are joined together now more than ever before in a world of possibilities and challenges. In every facet of our individual and collective lives we shape this world, just as we are deeply influenced by what transpires at its furthest corners.

International Studies (IS) is an interdisciplinary program at NC State University that prepares its graduates to embrace a world where global linkages exist alongside boundaries and separations. To do this, students will learn to speak a foreign language, to appreciate the cultural diversity of all societies, to understand the economic dynamics of global trade, and to follow the ever-shifting geo-political lines.

Undergraduate Studies

As a Major in this program, you will:

Graduate Studies

As a Minor in this program, you will:



Minor Forms - two (2) must be completed 

Form #1: Declare a Minor form
Registration and Records (R&R): the Declare a Minor form must be completed, signed, and delivered to R&R in Harris Hall in order to be enrolled officially in the Minor and displayed in the student's degree audit.  A Minor needs to be declared before the student applies for graduation.  This form can be signed by either the Program Director/Coordinator for the Minor or the Interdisciplinary Studies' Student Services Specialist, in the 1911 Building, Suite 106.

Form #2: Application for Minor Certification form
Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS): the Application for Minor Certification form for International Studies is to be completed, approved and signed, and then delivered to the IDS Main Office (1911-106) usually no later than the term when all Minor requirements are met.  List on this form all courses taken for the Minor, with the grades received, as well as all courses in progress and planned courses for the Minor.  This form must be signed by the Coordinator for the International Studies Studies Minor. 

A Minor must be completed no later than the term in which the student expects to graduate.  The College of Humanities & Social Sciences (Caldwell 106) provides graduation clearance for these Minors which is required to receive official recognition and be placed on the student's permanent transcript.