Faculty affiliated with Jewish Studies

  • William Adler, Distinguished University Professor of Religious Studies (email)
  •  Joshua Friedman, Lecturer in Sociology & Anthropology (email)
  • Ora Gelley, Associate Professor of English (email)
  • Verena Kasper-Marienberg, Assistant Professor of History (email)
  • Hans Kellner, Professor of English (email)
  • Akram Khater, Professor of History (email)
  • Julie Mell, Associate Professor of History (email)
  • Lynda Nyota, Assistant Professor of German (email)
  • Timothy Stinson, Associate Professor of English (email)
  • Noah Strote, Assistant Professor of History (email)
  • Jason Sturdevant, Teaching Assistant Professor of Religious Studies (email)

All NCSU faculty involved in research or teaching related to Jewish Studies are warmly welcome to affiliate with Jewish Studies. Contact the coordinator for further information.