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Take charge of your future: create a course of graduate study that meets your personal and professional needs. Pursue your passions as you earn your interdisciplinary master’s degree.

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MALS: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Graduate Education

Earn a master’s degree from NC State that meets your professional goals and your unique interests. Our Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) program puts you in charge: design your course of study, combining courses from different disciplines across the university. With our guidance, you build your own concentration, based on your interests, aspirations and goals. Complete the program at your own pace, on your own terms. Your interdisciplinary MALS education broadens your horizons and cultivates skills valuable to employers – like thinking critically, communicating effectively and synthesizing diverse perspectives. 

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Our graduate students are as diverse as the courses of study they pursue. Many work full-time and appreciate our flexible approach, including evening seminars and classes. Others have specific goals that an advanced degree and focused coursework will further. Some exceptional undergraduates pursue their master’s degree through our accelerated BA/MA option. Our MALS students understand the great value of an NC State graduate degree. And all have a passion for learning and relish the academic rigor of graduate-level coursework with top-flight faculty from across NC State.

With the option to take classes one at a time — and our affordable tuition — you set the pace as well as the curriculum for your graduate studies.

Founded in 1988, NC State’s MALS program has a long, rich history in interdisciplinary education. We’re an active member of the Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs (AGLSP), our field’s top professional organization.

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Accelerated BA/MA Option

The Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s degree program (ABM) gives exceptional NC State undergraduates the option to earn both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees seamlessly.

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MALS Success Stories Recent MALS News

Shamsa Visone

As a MALS student, Shamsa Visone pursued her passion for mentoring young leaders. Visone, who has a background in business, created an interdisciplinary internship program that helps young adults develop leadership, communication and project management skills.

Tia Bethea

As a community impact manager for Google Fiber, MALS alumna Tia Bethea partners with local agencies to improve internet access and digital literacy in places lacking service. Bethea, who focused her MALS degree in big data analytics, says she’s thankful for the path she chose at NC State.

Jeff Merritt

MALS alumnus Jeff Merritt is executive director of the Centennial Authority and PNC Arena, the home of the NC State men’s basketball team and the Carolina Hurricanes. Merritt says he appreciated the program’s flexibility and culture: “Everything I thought I would get out of graduate school, I got that and a hundred times more.”

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