Admission Requirements

Students desiring to enter the MALS program must submit an online application for admission to the Graduate School. GRE scores are not required. Admission requirements for the MALS program  include an undergraduate baccalaureate degree and these application materials:

  • online application and fee
  • three references
  • past transcripts
  • resume
  • statement of objectives
  • concentration course list

Statement of Objectives

The written statement of objectives is an important part of your application materials and also functions as a writing sample for the admission committee’s evaluation. The statement should be 2-3 pages long and consist of two parts. You should describe in as much detail as possible your reasons for application to the MALS program and how your life experience has led you to pursue this particular degree. 

Concentration Plan

Create a preliminary list of the courses for your concentration and the reasons you have selected them. This is not a final plan and may be altered. You should consider the interdisciplinary nature of the degree and how these courses will work together to provide you with the sort of education you desire in the MALS degree.

Your plan should consist of:

  • a working title for the concentration,
  • a list of the six graduate concentration courses,
  • a sentence or two explaining how each course fits into the broader theme you have chosen.

Take a look at some concentration examples.


Your references should include any teachers from whom you have taken courses within the last five years. If you do not have enough former instructors for the three references, you may pick others who are in a good position to judge your abilities and motivation: employers, supervisors, pastors, co-workers, etc.

How to Apply

The application deadline is March 15.

After submitting your application, you will be contacted to schedule a required on-campus interview with the MALS Program Director. Complete application files are reviewed by the entire MALS Advisory Board, which then submits recommendations for admission to the Graduate School.

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