MALS Final Projects

As part of the Degree Requirements for the NC State MALS degree, each student completes a culminating project related to his or her concentration. This can take a diversity of forms—video productions, websites, work with a community agency, creative writing, handbooks or brochures, etc. Here are some of our memorable final projects.

Lynne Guglielmi Barbour

​Facility Management

Christopher Thomas Pfitzer

Strategic Communication Planning in the Nonprofit and Public Sectors

Tracy E. Brown

Adult Education

Kimberly Conley

E3: Strengthening Manufacturing in North Carolina through Sustainable Business Practices

Elizabeth Burton Davis

Youth and Family Development

William Hugh Dennis III

Pastoral Care and Community Advocacy

Nicole Lisa Dobbins

People and the Environment

Melody Wilkins Gates

Housing and Human Services

Nirva Keyser

Modern Stereotypes: Do You Really Know Me?

Kari Susan Mathisen

Sustainability Communications

Nadia Minniti