Bob Patterson Interdisciplinary Studies Fellow

One graduating senior at each IDS graduation will be honored as a Bob Patterson Fellow. Fellows are chosen for their generosity, empathy, humility, open-mindedness, creativity, altruism, and gratitude, all characteristics of Dr. Bob Patterson. Bob is a brilliant and accomplished scholar, and has spent much of his life giving back to others in his home community, the NC State community, and globally. Patterson Fellows should embody these characteristics as well.

Dr. Patterson has a remarkable career at NC State. He graduated with a BS in soil science from NC State in 1963. He went off to Cornell University, where he got his PhD in Agronomy and returned to NC State. Since 1968, he has been a professor in the Crop Science department, doing globally significant research in crop physiology, soil fertility and plant nutrition. Bob has helped feed the world.

But we think Bob Patterson's greatest contributions to this institution are his commitment to students in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Bob helped found interdisciplinary teaching at NC State in the 1970s when he began teaching the forerunner to STS 323 World Population and Food Prospects. Fifty years later, he continues to teach for IDS. He has been a part of Interdisciplinary Studies and all its predecessors, and he has taught thousands of NC State graduate and undergraduate students, always with a mix of enthusiasm, curiosity, discipline-crossing research, kindness, and wisdom.

Bob Patterson is Interdisciplinary Studies at NC State. We are honored to name one graduating senior as a Bob Patterson Fellow. 

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