Dr Kim Ebert

Associate Professor

Picture of Dr Kim Ebert

Teaching and Research Interests

Race and Ethnicity, Immigration, Political Sociology, Collective Action and Social Movements, Urban and Community

Funded Research

Ebert, Kim (PI), Emily Estrada (Co-PI), and Wenjie Liao (Co-PI). 2019-2021. National Science Foundation (NSF), Sociology Program. Title: Legitimating Strategies in Privatized Immigration Control. $119,056, Award #SES-1850712.


Selected examples:

Ideological Legitimacy, Color-blindness, and Racially Conservative Organizations

Apathy and Color-Blindness in Privatized Immigration Control

Examining the reach of colorblindness: ideological flexibility, frame alignment, and legitimacy among racially conservative and extremist organizations

Apathy and Antipathy: Media Coverage of Restrictive Immigration Legislation and the Maintenance of Symbolic Boundaries

Legitimating Contexts, Immigrant Power, and Exclusionary Activity

When Organizations Matter: Threatening Demographics, Supportive Politics, and Immigration Lawmaking

Anti-Immigrant Ordinances and Discrimination in New and Established Destinations

New Rural Immigrant Destinations: Research for the 2010s

Social Citizenship, Integration, and Collective Action: Immigrant Civic Engagement in the U.S.

¿El Campeón de Los Hispanos? Comparing the Coverage of Latino Collective Action in Spanish- and English-Language Newspapers

Beyond the Ballot: Immigrant Collective Action in Gateways and New Destinations