Rodrick Alston Memorial Student Award

The Rodrick Alston Memorial Scholarship was created to honor the legacy and contributions made from Dr. Rodrick Alston, a NC State Alum and faculty member who was instrumental to part of the success and growth of Africana Studies here on NC State. 

Scholarship Requirements

  1. Must be enrolled in one of the disciplines of the College of Humanities & Social Sciences 

  2. Must be majoring/minoring in Africana Studies and/or have demonstrated interest in the African American Heritage 

  3. Submit a 1-2 page essay on the topics of:

    1. Why are you interested in African Studies? In what ways have you demonstrated that interest inside and outside of the classroom? 

    2. How will you positively impact NC State's campus and the world with knowledge gained from Africana Studies?

  4. For questions or to send your materials, please go to:
    1. 1911 building - Suite 106

      Campus Box 7107

      Raleigh, NC