Hondros Scholarship

Chris Hondros was an NC State alum (English) and an award-winning photo-journalist who was killed while on assignment in Libya in 2011. In honor of his legacy, friends of Hondros decided to start the Chris Hondros Scholarship Endowment for students that attend NC State who have the aspirations to study abroad. Additionally, it is geared to those who have the passion of story telling and capturing the moments of those who are enduring hardships and tough situations. To learn more about Chris Hondros, check out this article.

Scholarship Requirements

  1. Planning to or has been accepted to partake in a Study Abroad Program
  2. 1-2 page essay that incorporates all of these topics:
    1. Why are you committed to telling the stories of everyday people in difficult situations? How will you showcase this during your Study Abroad experience?
    2. Why are you interested in the World beyond the US, while also doing work outside of the classroom? 
  3. For questions or to send your materials, please go to:
    1. 1911 building - Suite 106

      Campus Box 7107

      Raleigh, NC