STS Major Curriculum

The STS concentration attracts and allows students to pursue either a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in order to better fit their needs.  In both degrees you will take:

  • STS Core Courses
    • STS 214 — Introduction to Science, Technology, and Society
    • STS 403 — Capstone Course and Seminar in Science, Technology, and Society
  • STS Specialty: design a personal STS Specialty course cluster of twelve credit hours (usually four courses) addressing a specific theme related to science, technology and society. See below for more details.
  • STS Breadth (twelve total credit hours): choose one course from each of four STS breadth groups:
    • History in a STS-related area
    • Philosophy of science and ethics
    • Assessment and policy in a STS-related area
    • Other STS courses
  • Technical Writing and Communication requirement
    • ENG 331, 332 or 333

For the STS B.A., in addition you will take:

  • A statistics course at the 200 level or above
  • An STS elective course at the 300 level or above
  • More Humanities, Social Science, and Foreign Language requirements than the STS B.S. major
  • Free electives, which may incorporate courses for a recognized academic minor (or second major).

For the STS B.S., in addition you will take:

  • A statistics course at the 300 level or above
  • Advanced Science/Technology Requirement of 15 credit hours, which has the option to be a recognized academic minor.  Link to B.S. Advanced Science/Technology form, which may be downloaded as a PDF and completed online (except for signatures) or by hand. The form provides additional information and instructions.
  • More Natural/Basic Science and Math/Calculus requirements than the STS B.A. major
  • Free electives, which may incorporate courses for a recognized academic minor (or second major). There are fewer free electives in the STS-B.S. than the STS-B.A. due to the B.S. Advanced Science/Technology Requirement.

STS Specialty Requirement

In consultation with the STS Director or an STS Academic Advisor, every STS B.A. and B.S. major designs a STS Specialty (12 hours, at least 4 courses):

  1. When admitted into the STS program, the major meets with an Academic Advisor and obtains approval of a chosen STS Specialty title and related selection of courses. The title and courses are to reflect a coherent theme related to Science, Technology, and Society.
  2. Students may not have advising holds released until the STS Specialty form (and, for B.S. majors, the Advanced Science/Technology Requirement form) is/are fully approved and signed.
  3. Minimum of 12 credit hours required.  At least two of the STS Specialty courses must be considered courses in the humanities and social sciences (H&SS) disciplines.
  4. The STS Specialty includes courses typically at the 300 and 400 or higher levels and no more than one course at the 200 level. 100-level courses are not permitted in the STS Specialty.
  5. Each STS Specialty course must earn a grade of C- or higher.

Additional Information:

Curricula Requirements: to view STS B.A. and STS B.S. degree details, link to, select "Humanities and Social Sciences" and scroll down to "Science, Technology, and Society" and choose the B.A. or B.S. option. The right column will display the curriculum and you can click on links to obtain specific degree and course requirement information.  Also, here are semester-by-semester plans for STS B.A. and B.S.

Please be aware that appropriate STS-related courses in addition to the listed required courses are sometimes offered and approved for degree requirements.  Your STS Academic Advisor can assist you with this.

Class Search: use Registration and Records - Class Search to find STS-related courses.  Make sure to select STS or another course prefix (e.g., HI, BIO, CSC, etc.) in the "Search by Subject" field.