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STS Minor Curriculum


The STS Minor allows students to appreciate and understand the roles that science and technology play in the larger sociocultural context. During the STS Minor students develop the ability to order and integrate the diverse aspects of their educations. Two essential components of this ability are sensitivity to the moral dimensions of scientific and technological inquiry, as affecting how people may live or want to live, and an appreciation of the practical implications of scientific and technical theory. In addition, the STS Minor enables students to increase the breadth of their interests in science and technology.


  • Requisite: at least one scientific or technical course beyond the introductory level.
  • Requisite: at least one mathematics course through a first calculus or statistics course.
  • Completion of 15 hours of STS relevant courses, including:
    • STS 214 - Introduction to Science, Technology, and Society
    • at least one course from each of the STS category groupings
    • one additional course from any of the STS categories
    • only one course can be double-counted in the student's departmental Major requirements.
  • In order to receive an introduction to the field and to promote communication among themselves, STS Minors are required to take STS 214 in their junior year or as soon as possible after declaring their intention to pursue the STS Minor.

Required Course

STS 214: Introduction to Science, Technology, and Society (3 credit hours)

Elective Courses (12 credit hours)

Choose 1 course from EACH Group (3 courses total) AND choose 1 additional course from any of the 3 Groups.

For see a list of STS courses and their groups click here.


Students interested in the Science, Technology, and Society Minor should contact the STS Director or an STS Academic Advisor by their junior year or earlier, if possible.

Minor Forms - two (2) must be completed

Form #1: Declare a Minor form
Registration and Records (R&R) form: the Declare a Minor form must be completed, signed, and delivered to R&R in Harris Hall in order to be enrolled officially in this Minor and displayed in the student's degree audit.  An academic minor needs to be declared before the student applies for graduation.  This form can be signed by either the Program Director/Coordinator for this Minor or the Interdisciplinary Studies' Student Services Specialist, in the 1911 Building, Suite 106. 

Form #2: Application for Minor Certification form 
Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) form: the Application for Minor Certification form for Science, Technology, & Society is to be completed, approved and signed, and then delivered to the IDS Main Office (1911-106) usually no later than the term when this Minor’s requirements are met.  List on this form all courses taken for this Minor, with the grades received, as well as all courses in progress and planned courses for this Minor.  If completing this form online, it is recommended that you save with a new file name which includes your name.  This form must be signed by the STS Program Director or Dr. Carol Ann Lewald, IDS Director of Undergraduate Advising and STS Academic Advisor.

A academic minor must be completed no later than the term in which the student expects to graduate.  The College of Humanities & Social Sciences (Caldwell 106) provides the required graduation clearance for this Minor to receive official recognition and be placed on the student's permanent transcript.