Interdisciplinary Studies offers myriad major courses of study, allowing our students to engage with world cultures, garner skills in flexible thinking and prepare to engage as informed citizens. We expose students to complex and diverse perspectives. You will work alongside scholars who are leaders in their fields as you gain skills and tools necessary for a successful professional career, and a fulfilling life.

Major Courses of Study

Study the black experience in Africa, the Americas and throughout the African Diaspora by exploring topics from multidisciplinary perspectives. Learn more here.

Connect different areas of art with multiple fields in the sciences and humanities. Learn more here.

Explore the world, learn a new language, engage with other cultures and so much more. Learn more here.

Learn about the myriad ways in which science and technology shape and influence the modern world. Learn more here.

Develop a clear vision for your education and reach your personal and professional goals. Learn more here.

Examine and reinterpret existing data and assumptions regarding gender issues and women’s contributions to various humanities and science fields. Learn more here.

Minor Course of Studies

Students can minor in all the major courses (minus Self-Design) of study listed above as well as:

Engage with the history, culture, and religious traditions of the Jewish people in the past and the present. Learn more here.

Gain an intimate understanding of the Middle East through studies in history, foreign language, political science and religion. Learn more here.

Explore the historical experience, cultural traditions, innovations and political status of Indigenous Americans. Learn more here.

Make a difference in your community through rigorous study that integrates experiential learning with knowledge-based courses as you improve your abilities to lead in the nonprofit sector. Learn more here.

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For more in-depth program information, please contact the respective program director from the Contact Us page.

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