Visual Arts Concentration

As a student in the visual arts concentration, you will engage in interdisciplinary, scholarly work based in theory, analysis, history, and materials exploration. You will experiment. You will take risks. You will engage critically and collaboratively with one another. You will help to provide crucial artistic leadership and context to the ongoing conversations that are taking place at NC State and beyond. 

Why study the arts?

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time

Why study the arts?

Arts Studies majors learn skills that apply to many fields, which are relevant in a changing, interdisciplinary, global world. Our students find work in museums and art galleries, sound studios, arts nonprofits and community arts programs.  Graduates of the program follow their passion to make art and teach others and start their own arts businesses. They become artistic directors for large companies and start-ups.

Arts studies students apply their vision to solve problems creatively.

for public universities — The Princeton Review

Visual arts coursework in studio production and history and analysis

“Inflatomatics” Sculptures

ARS Visual Arts Production Courses:

  • ARS 414 Interdisciplinary Arts Seminar
  • ARS 498 Independent Study
  • ADN 111 Two-dimensional Design for Non-Design Majors
  • ADN 112 Three-dimensional Design for Non-Design Majors
  • ADN 219: Digital Imaging
  • ADN 311 Basic Visual Laboratories
  • AND 319 Animation
  • AND 411 Visual Laboratory II
  • ADN 414: Color and Light

History and Analysis Courses:

  • ARC 141 Introduction to Architectural History
  • ARC 241 History of World Architecture
  • HA 201 History of Art From Ancient Greece Through the Renaissance
  • HA 202 History of Art From the Renaissance Through the 20th Century
  • HA 203 History of American Art
  • HA 298 Special Topics in Art History
  • HA 395 History of Art: Study Abroad
  • HA 401 19th Century European Art from Revolution to Post-Impressionism
  • HA 404 Italian Renaissance Art and Material Culture
  • HA 410 History of the Art of Photography
  • ARS 495 The History and Art of World Puppetry

ARS annual Fall Fluxus Arts Exhibit at the NCSU Craft Center

“Vezna” by Kate Juras visits Fluxus Arts Exhibit

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