Forensic Science

Forensic Science, the study of how science is applied to questions of interest to the legal system, is comprised of a broad spectrum of disciplines including anthropology, chemistry, dentistry, entomology, geology, soil science and pathology. 

The Program

The Forensic Science minor is offered through the Division of Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS).  It is intended for students wishing to complement their departmental majors who have an interest in forensic science, but do not have a strong background in the physical and natural sciences. 

See for more information:
American Academy of Forensic Sciences - So You Want to Be a Forensic Scientist

Please visit the following web page for more information and how to declare the Forensic Science Minor: Forensic Science Minor Curriculum Requirements.

Minor Forms - two must be completed

Form #1: Declare a Minor form
Registration and Records (R&R): the Declare a Minor Form must be completed, signed, and delivered to R&R in Harris Hall in order to be enrolled officially in the Minor and displayed in the student's degree audit.  A Minor needs to be declared before the student applies for graduation.  This form can be signed by either the Program Director/Coordinator for the Minor or the Interdisciplinary Studies' Student Services Specialist, in the 1911 Building, Suite 106.

Form #2: Application for Minor Certification form 
Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS): the Application for Minor Certification form in Forensic Science is to be completed, approved and signed, and then delivered to the IDS Main Office (1911-106) usually no later than the term when all Minor requirements are met.  List on this form all courses taken for the Minor, with the grades received, as well as all courses in progress and planned courses for the Minor.  This form must be signed by the Forensic Science Minor Director, Dr. Ann Ross.

A minor must be completed no later than the term in which the student expects to graduate.  The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (Caldwell 106) provides graduation clearance for these minors which is required to receive official recognition and be placed on the student's permanent transcript. 

Director for the Forensic Science Minor:
Dr. Ann Ross
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
1911 Building, Office 253
Phone:  919-515-9021
Email:  Ann Ross


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