Minor in International Studies

An International Studies Minor consists of a minimum of 15 credit hours of course work as outlined below. Nine of the 15 credit hours are to be completed at NC State University.For certification of the completion of the minor on a student's transcript, the student:

  1. Must submit an "Application for Minor" form to the Office of Interdisciplinary Studies, 1911 Building Room 106, at any time prior to the end of the pre-registration period of the student's final semester; and
  2. Must sign, prior to the end of the first week of the student's final semester, the application form, indicating all grades received for the courses completed in the minor program and the courses to be taken during the student's final semester.
  3. Is strongly encouraged to participate in a Study Abroad Program. Minor candidates are also reminded that their education can be strengthened by participating in international activities or groups on campus. 
  4. Be aware that you will need to complete the FL_202 level of a foreign language for the minor's foreign language requirement. This course will NOT count as one of the courses for the minor, it is strictly a foreign language requirement to complement your course work for the minor. 
  5. Of the 9 credit hours of electives that apply to the minor, only one course can be at the 200-level.

Requirements of the IS Minor

‚ÄčInternational Studies Minor Coordinator/Advisor:
Dr. Haddy Njie
Teaching Assistant Professor
1911 Building, Room 107-C
Campus Box 7107