Native American Studies

In Native American Studies, you will study and research the historical experience, cultural traditions, innovations and political status of American Indians. Through coursework, you will explore the impact of the invasion and colonialization of Indian America, and you’ll study the intersection of Native, African and European histories.


Professor Judy Kertesz

The Program

The Minor in Native American Studies is a wonderful choice for students interested in studying, researching and increasing understanding of the historical experiences, cultural traditions and innovations, and political status of American Indian peoples in the United States. Our program is interdisciplinary with courses that explore Native American ways of living, understanding the world, and organizing their societies. You’ll also examine the impact of invasion and colonization on Indian America, and the intersection of Indian, African and European histories and systems of knowledge.

Students must complete 15 hours of coursework from the list below, achieving a grade of C- or better. No course in the minor can be taken for pass-fail credit.

Please be aware that a maximum of one (1) course may be used (double-counted) towards both this minor and departmental major requirements. To see the curriculum for this minor: click here.

  • ANT 310         Native Peoples and Cultures of North America
  • ANT 325         Andean South America 
  • ENG 249         Native American Literature 
  • HI 365             The American West
  • HI 366             Native American History 
  • HI 445             Early American Frontier


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How to add a minor


The minor must be completed no later than the semester in which the student expects to graduate from his or her degree program. Students can monitor their progress toward completing the minor by viewing their Minor Degree Audit online, anytime, in MyPack Portal. 

Please note that the minor degree audit does not track whether students are in compliance with double-counting limitations between major requirements and minor requirements. Therefore, students should not rely solely on the minor degree audit. They should refer to the detailed requirements outlined on the official university minors website for guidance and reach out to the minor advisor listed there to discuss course plans and ensure they're on track.