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Rebekah Brown Named Fall 2020 Patterson Fellow

Headshot of Rebekah Brown

Our Fall 2020 Bob Patterson Interdisciplinary Studies Fellow, Rebekah Brown, has demonstrated empathy, generosity, humility, open-mindedness, creativity, altruism, and gratitude in her time at NC State. She excelled in Dr. Patterson’s class and was selected based on not just her academic achievement, but for her character, dedication, and pursuit of the improvement of humanity.

Her nomination letters describe her as a “wonderful collaborator” and someone who demonstrates both openness and determination. Her studies have focused on nutrition – the science, but also the social contexts and politics that influence the way we eat and the barriers to ensuring a healthy and sufficient diet for all people.

Rebekah plans to work toward a degree in Public Health Epidemiology or a related field that addresses the nutritional needs of local or global populations. She will bring her passion to this task, as well as the kind of interdisciplinary thinking that she has learned as an STS student in IDS.