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Jewish Studies

This interdisciplinary academic program fosters engagement with history, culture and religious traditions in the past and present.

Program Overview

In addition to an undergraduate minor, Jewish studies sponsors campus lectures and events, serves as an academic resource for students, and promotes faculty and graduate student research.

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Minor in Jewish Studies

Students in this interdisciplinary program have the opportunity to deepen their understanding and appreciation of Judaism from a wide range of academic disciplines, including religious studies, history, language, literature and film studies.

Minor Requirements

The minor consists of 15 hours of credit (five courses). An overall minor GPA of at least 2.0 is required, and a maximum of one course may be double-counted toward both major departmental requirements and minor electives.

  • ANT 395: Anthropology of the Middle East
  • EN/FL 246: Literature of the Holocaust
  • HI 270: Modern Middle East
  • HI 307: Jewish History
  • HI 400: Civilizations of the Ancient Near East
  • HI 418: Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany
  • HI 466: History of Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
  • REL 311: Introduction to Hebrew Bible
  • REL 314: Introduction to Intertestamental Literature
  • REL 350: Introduction to Judaism
  • REL 482: Religion and Conflict

Note: Special Topics courses, when topically appropriate, may be approved for the minor.

NC State students may expand their course offerings in Jewish studies through the Inter-Institutional Program.  Students interested in studying modern or biblical Hebrew are encouraged to make use of this opportunity.

Find Jewish studies course offerings at Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill.


Students can apply for admission to any university minor program in MyPack Portal. Admission will be based on the student’s academic record, and in most cases no longer requires departmental review.

Students interested in declaring a minor in Jewish studies should consult with program coordinator Dr. Verena Kasper-Marienberg.

Our Faculty

Our faculty come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, including religious studies, history, sociology, English, and foreign languages and literatures.

  • William Adler, Distinguished University Professor of Religious Studies (email)
  • Kristen Alff, Assistant Professor of History (email)
  • Joshua Friedman, Lecturer in Sociology and Anthropology (email)
  • Verena Kasper-Marienberg, Assistant Professor of History (email)
  • Hans Kellner, Professor of English (email)
  • Julie Mell, Associate Professor of History (email)
  • Lynda Nyota, Assistant Professor of German (email)
  • Jason Staples, Assistant Teaching Professor of Religious Studies (email)
  • Timothy Stinson, Associate Professor of English (email)
  • Noah Strote, Assistant Professor of History (email)
  • Jason Sturdevant, Teaching Assistant Professor of Religious Studies (email)

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Contact program coordinator Julie Mell to join our email list and get updates about upcoming events.

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Jewish Studies Events

North Carolina Jewish Studies Seminar

The NC Jewish Studies Seminar is a collaborative partnership between NC State, Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill and Wake Forest, with participants coming from universities and colleges across North Carolina.

The seminar offers a stimulating and exciting forum for academic engagement on Jewish history, culture and religion. Since its inception in 2001, the seminar has brought together faculty, graduate students and internationally renowned scholars to discuss cutting-edge work in Jewish studies. Meetings are held monthly, and papers are distributed in advance for all to read.

Past Events

Experience our past events by visiting our media channels: