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Aug 31, 2010

CHASS Alumni — Anita Watkins

Anita Watkins (Political Science and Spanish, ’94) always envisioned herself at law school after graduating. An internship helped her realize she had a special interest in public policy. Watkins, who now serves as the Vice President for Government Affairs for the University of North Carolina system, credits study within the humanities as a unique and essential part of education. 

Aug 26, 2010

CHASS Alumni — Lianne Gonsalves

When pre-medical student Lianne Gonsalves (International Studies and Biological Sciences, ’10) ventured into CHASS her freshman year, she fell in love and decided to stay.  In CHASS, Gonsalves saw innumerable opportunities to explore the world through the International Studies program’s various study abroad offerings.  She has worked as an intern for the State Department and… 

Aug 20, 2010

CHASS Alumni — Maria Kingery

Some business professionals cite interpersonal communication as the most challenging part of their jobs, Maria Kingery (English, ’99) finds it exhilarating. “For some, the people part is the most difficult part. I find it to be the most exciting and interesting and rewarding.”  Kingery, the co-founder and director of cultural development at Southern Energy Management,… 

Aug 5, 2010

Braunbeck Named Assistant Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies Program

Dr. Helga Braunbeck has been named assistant dean of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program at North Carolina State University, effective August 16. The IDS program is housed in NC State’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Braunbeck has been at NC State since 1990. For the past three years she has directed International Studies within IDS and co-directed… 

Jul 13, 2010

Music Department Director Earns Raleigh Medal of Arts

J. Mark Scearce, director of the Department of Music, will receive the city’s highest arts honor for lifetime achievement this fall. Scearce will be honored with the Raleigh Medal of Arts award at an event on October 6. 

Apr 1, 2010

CHASS Student of the Month – April 2010

Molly Beth Lewis, April 2010 CHASS Student of the Month. 

Jan 1, 2010

CHASS Student of the Month – January 2010

Kieran Moreira, January 2010 CHASS Student of the Month 

Sep 1, 2009

CHASS Student of the Month – September 2009

Tracy Turnbull, September 2009 CHASS Student of the Month 

Apr 1, 2009

CHASS Student of the Month – April 2009

Amber Smith, April 2009 CHASS Student of the Month 

Mar 1, 2009

CHASS Student of the Month – March 2009

Christina Scarano, March 2009 CHASS Student of the Month